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It has been a great start to 2021, aside from a "minor" freeze here in the Lonestar State! A whirlwind of pandemic issues, Vaccination sites, etc. Companies finally getting people back in the office. Kids getting back to school and dealing with graduates with no ceremonies, proms, or big gatherings...

The online shopping arena has been very busy, challenging and ever-changing.

We here at STB have been busy procuring seasonal items and fun products almost daily while also trying to organize the chaos of our lives at the same time.

This year has already included several fun shopping events with local friends here in Cypress. We also took the "show" on the road out to Katy and had a wonderful turnout of friends.

We are hoping to grow this part of our business more in the next few months with specific dates/times for friends of STB to stop by and shop with friends and family.  If you want to schedule an event for your friends/family just message me and we will get you on the books.

We will continue to offer "In YOUR Home" Shop & Sips for our loyal fans homes/businesses. These are so much fun and a great way to connect, relax and just laugh.

We are ready to get on the road more and do local shows at various spots around Texas. Stay tuned for more details, we sure would love to meet you all as we travel the Texas Globe!!! What else can you expect from us? Here are a few great things coming your way!

Shop Texas Boutique APP! 

Warehouse and small store front for folks to drop in and say hi!

Expanding on Etsy, Instagram & Tik Tok as well

More Teens & Kids coming your way too

Specializing (Embroidery, Personalization) services

Ambassador Program

Stay tuned!


Thanks for being a friend of STB, please let us know whatever you are on the search for, we love the HUNT!